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DrCommune is a social enterprise encouraging affordable private healthcare. Registration is free.

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About Us

DrCommune was created with the aim of allowing everyday people, around the world, access to good healthcare within their means. Today's world, is a global village. We believe that when doctors unite and work together, knowledge is shared, and costs can be lowered. Bringing standards of healthcare up and giving value to patients. Collaboration brings the world forward, barriers and isolation holds us back.

Doctors communicating directly with each other, can assist patients to move seamlessly from high cost surgeries to lower cost aftercare. This opens a world of opportunities for patients and doctors.

DrCommune strives to nurture a community of doctors who share knowledge openly, connect with fellow colleagues across the globe and collaborate.

Healthcare beyond borders toward a healthier world.


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How It Works for Patients

1. Find A Doctor

Find a doctor near you that can help you make the best choice for overseas treatment.

2. Make Your Choice

Through your doctors, make your choice of an overseas doctor for the specific treatment you need.

3. Follow Up Care

Return to your doctor for follow up care knowing your doctors are communicating directly with each other for your complete care.

How It Works for Doctors

  • 1. Search
    Through the directory of doctors in different country and specialty
  • 2. Chat
    With doctors to share knowledge, learn and explore collaborations
  • 3. Connect
    With your selected potential partner doctor and decide on the conditions of the partnership.
  • 4. Profile
    Of a connection will be indicated for both doctors in the directory listing once the connection request is accepted.
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What Our Doctors Say

  • I find it really encouraging. I think this platform can bring affordable health care services to patients. I am really looking forward to connecting with more doctors.

    Dr Kashyap Goyal
    Pulmonary Medicine, Punjab, India

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